Professor Wojciech Nowiak, Poznan, Poland

Chairman of the Board

Wojciech is a Professor at the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism of the Adam Mickiewicz University (UAM) in Poznan and at the State University of Applied Science in Konin, Poland. Read more…

Ms. Huda El Jack, Ramallah, Palestinian Territories

Co-Founder & President

Huda is a co-founder of the International Peace Accelerator, a creative serial entrepreneur, an investor and a seasoned executive with a divested track record of C-level positions in various disciplines. Read more…

Dr. Itai Kohavi, Hod Hasharon, Israel

Co-Founder & Chief Accelerator

Itai is the founder of the International Peace Accelerator and an expert in the area of innovation; he’s a lecturer, serial entrepreneur, and investor. Read more…

Professor Oded Koenigsberg

London, UK.

Professor of Marketing; Deputy Dean (Programs) at London Business School (LBS); Academic Director MBA and MiN. Read more…

Ms. Alisa Mick

Helsinki, Finland

Ms. Alisa Mick is the Co-founder of North Mix, the WLOUNGE ambassador in Helsinki and an expert in organizational behavior. Read more…

Professor Elias Toubi

Haifa, Israel

Prof. Toubi, MD, is the General Manager of the Italian Hospital in Haifa, Director of the Allergy and Clinical Immunology Department at Bnai-Zion Medical center, and full professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the Technion. Read more…

Professor Ron Shalev

Toronto, Canada

Prof. Ron Shalev is an associate professor of accounting at the Rotman School of Management of University of Toronto. Read more…


Huda and Itai are an American-Israeli and an American-Arab entrepreneurs and business people who were Chief Executive Officers of publicly traded companies, and hold a Master of Business Administration from the same university – the Kellogg School of Management of Northwestern University.

Huda lives in Ramallah, in the heart of the West Bank, Itai lives not far from Tel Aviv.

They are far from being naive, and yet believe that the Arab world and Israel should live in peace.

The International Peace Accelerator (IPA) started from a PhD research done by Itai, titled “Treadmill Negotiation: the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process” and from an invitation to give a speech together with the head of ‘Microsoft for Startups’ in an international event of the Kellogg School of Management . The presentation highlighted the need for an International Peace Accelerator and focused on ways that businessmen can use their network, experience, and creativity to influence and accelerate international conflict resolutions. When the presentation ended, a few kellogg alumni from the US, from Israel, from the West Bank, and from Gaza approached Itai, and asked: “how can I help?”

Shortly thereafter, in Poznan, Poland, Prof. Wojciech Nowiak  helped in establishing the Poznan International Research Group of Conflict Resolution for supporting IPA and providing it access to quality practical academic research.

Following the Kellogg event, Huda and Itai met in the lobby of the Ambassador hotel in Jerusalem and decided to join hands, work with Prof. Nowiak from Poland, and with other prominent international and local individuals and entities, and to transform IPA from an academic business theory into a practical international entity with an initial goal of accelerating a resolution for the Arab – Israeli – Palestinian conflict and facilitating a material progress toward a signed peace agreement by the end of year 2022. They named this goal internally: Hi 2022 (Huda & Itai 2022).

While the Arab – Israeli – Palestinian conflict consumes most attention now, the goal of IPA is to be an international facilitator of conflict resolutions in other regions as well.

Lea Mansoor
Ms. Leah Mansoor

Development Officer

Leah has over 15 years of experience in Business Development and Global Management. In her last job, Leah was the SVP Digital Learning International at Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc., overseeing Britannica’s businesses in EMEA, Asia and the Pacific Rim, including offices in the UK, Australia, India, Japan, and Korea as well as well as Britannica’s Knowledge Systems and Melingo in Israel. Read more…