The International Peace Accelerator was founded to be a unique conduit aimed at filling a vacuum in the regional and international arena by presenting an independent, non-governmental, non-for-profit, non-partisan and unbiased organization acting as an icebreaker of conflict barriers for leaderships. Our initial focus is the Arab-Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the Israeli – Palestinian conflict within it.

IPA Goal:

Contribute to a meaningful event, or a series of events, by the end of year 2022 that will lead to peace agreements between most of the Arab world including Palestine, and Israel, and to sustainable independency, stability, and security for all the involved parties.

IPA Focus: The Elephants that are Blocking the Negotiation Room.

Based on IPA’s extensive research, it’s not only the commonly called ‘core issues’ that prevent a breakthrough in the Israeli – Palestinian conflict. There are specific Elephants in the negotiation room (unaddressed challenges) that prevent the parties from even starting a negotiation process. These Elephants also drive away the public opinion from seeking a peace agreement.

3 main Elephants that are blocking the Palestinian way:

  • The beliefe that Israel has neither the wish nor the interest of reaching a two-states based peace agreement.
  • The beliefe that the ‘one-state’ solution will provide the Palestinians greater justice than the ‘two-states’ solution, and the assumption that the ‘one-state- solution is realistic per the precedent of South Africa, even if it takes decades to materialize.
  • The beliefe that the Intensity of the occupation and the settlements enterprise prove that Israel is not a potential partner for peace.

3 main Elephants that are blocking the Israeli way:

  • The belief that a Palestinian State is likely to become an unstable failed state that will endanger Israel.
  • The belief that the Palestinians will never agree to give up the Right of Return of the Palestinian refugees to Israel and to declare ‘the end of all demands’.
  • The belief that in the foreseen future, there is no Palestinian leadership that can enforce the provisions of a reasonable peace agreement because Fatah and Hamas are not aligned.

The “Elephants Plan”:

We connect experts, security people, diplomates, policy makers, and politicians, from the international community,  the Arab states, Israel, and the Palestinian territories, for the purpose of overcoming the barriers of the Elephants, as a conduit for a new Peace process.

T-Shirt Diplomacy / Silicon Valley Methods:

Not only do we prefer wearing jeans and T-shirts, but we’re great believers in innovations, in free spirit, and in the new generation of people who look less at the past and more into the future. We call this non-formal entrepreneurial approach: “T-shirt Diplomacy”.


As part of the facilitation process, IPA meets frequently, as a team, and individually, with Arab, Israeli and international leaders and thought leaders, to get their advice and feedback and to work together on facilitating innovative processes that will enable the parties to break barriers and move forward, sooner than later.

Huda and Itai with Dr, Saeb Erekat, Palestinian Chief Negotiator and head of the Palestinian Negotiation Affairs Department.


Huda and Itai with Dr, Majdi Khaldi, Advisor for Diplomatic Affairs and International Relations for Palestinian President and chairman of the PLO, Mahmoud Abbas.
Huda and Itai with Muhammad Madani, head of Fatah’s commission for relations with Israel and the PA’s Committee for Interaction with the Israeli Society.
Huda and Itai with Shmil Levy, Founder and Managing Partner at Sequoia Capital Israel. Sequoia is arguably the world’s most successful Venture Capital firm, with early investments in companies such as Google, Apple, and WhatsApp.
Itai after an important meeting with a Knesset member at the Israeli parliament, Knesset.
Recognition by Prof. Uzi Arad, former head of Israeli National Security Council and Chief Security Advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “To Itai, with appreciation for your activity for Israel, its security and future, yours, Uzi Arad”

Dani Yatom, former head of the Mossad, following an advice meeting with Itai.

Dov Weissglass , former Chief of Staff of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, following an advice meeting with Itai.